Quick Edit button grayed out

Quick Edit button grayed out

SharePoint 2013 has a Quick Edit button to view and manage list items using a spreadsheet format. This replaces the Datasheet view in SharePoint 2010. After recently upgrading my clients farm to...

Libraries with no Default View

Libraries with no Default View

For some reason, a number of Document Libraries on a Farm I recently upgraded to SharePoint 2013 lost their default view. Using SharePoint Designer I can see the allitems.aspx available in the...


Customizing the Quick Launch

Check this post out for properties available to customize in the Quick Launch, quite handy is the style properties to add your own classes to target in CSS....


Enable Fly-Out for Quick Launch

Display Fly-out menus by modifying the master page. Browse to the Master Page in SharePoint Designer. Locate the Quick Launch menu control. You can find the control in code view by searching on...